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AMS 5894, Co-Alloy 6B, Stellite 6B, R30016, :

Translate this pageJan 23, 2017 · AMS 5894 UNS R30016, Stellite 6B, Cobalt Alloy 6B Bar () Sheet and Plate () Sheet and Plate () 1inch (25mmt) Round Bars 3-1/2 inch (89mm) . Alloy 6B Corrosion Materials

  • DescriptionIndustries & ApplicationsResistance to CorrosionFabrication and Heat TreatmentAlloy 6B is a cobalt-based alloy with great wear, erosion and abrasion resistance. The wear resistance of alloy 6B is due to the chemical composition and is not a product of heat treatment or other hardening mechanisms. The low coecient of friction of alloy 6B allows it to resist seizing and galling; proving useful in areas and applications where lubrication is dicult or impractical. Even under constant erosive conditions, alloy 6B has shown exceptional cavitation erosion resistance. Elevated temperature exposuCobalt Round Bar Alloy Stellite 6B Rod Chrome Moly Check Alloy Stellite 6B Rod, Chrome Moly 1537 Flat Bar Dimension Cobalt Round Bar is used in super alloys and in making magnets. The cobalt alloys are used because they are ferromagnetic in nature. The material can maintain its strength even at elevated temperatures.

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    AMS 5894 Haynes 188 Bright Bar, Cobalt 6B Flat Bar Exporter, Alloy 6B Cobalt Cold Finished Bars Suppliers in India. AB Steel is one of the largest exporter, manufacturer and supplier of Cobalt 6B Round Bars in India. Cobalt 6B Rods are used for a lot of applications such as in Steam turbine erosion shields, Chain saw guide bars, High temperature bearings, Furnace fan blades, Valve stems, Food Cobalt 6B Round bar, AMS 5894 Cobalt 6B Hex Bar, Cobalt Hot sale high cobalt Special steel high speed tool steel M35 cold drawn round bar. US$ 10.00-US$ 10.80 / Kilogram. 25mm stainless steel ss round bar s355. US$ 800.00-US$ 2,000.00 / Ton. Please note this is an approx Cost of Cobalt 6B Threaded Bars in India. For final Cobalt 6B Round Cobalt Alloy 6b Rod, Ams 5894 Bar, Stellite 6b Round Bar ams 5894 bar, UNS R30188 Round Bar, Cobalt Alloy 6B Hex/Flat and Square Bars Manufacturers Stellite 6b round bar, AMS 5894 Haynes 188 Bright Bar, Alloy 6B Cobalt Cold Finished Bars Suppliers in India Cobalt Alloy 6b Rod is made up of a chromium, nickel, molybdenum, tungsten alloy with carbon, cobalt and iron in the composition.

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    Investment Cast Bar Stock. Hardness. CERTIFIED MATERIALS. 37-45-HRC. Compare to Stellite® 6 products - Cobalt Alloy No. 6 - AMS-5387-E. 48-53-HRC. Compare to Stellite® 3 products - Cobalt Alloy No. 3 - ICI Specification Quality. 44-50-HRC. Compare to Stellite® 12 products - Cobalt Alloy No. 12 - ICI Specification Quality. Cobalt Stellite 6B AMS 5894 Tech Steel & MaterialsOct 17, 2015 · AMS 5894 Bar Alloy:Cobalt Type:Stellite 6B UNS:R30016:AMS 5894 Plate Alloy:Cobalt Type:Stellite 6B UNS:R30016:AMS 5894 Sheet Alloy:Cobalt Type:Stellite 6B UNS:R30016:Request a Quote. Name * Company * Email * Phone * Alloy spec * Shape * Size/Diameter * Measure * Length * Measure * Qty * Comments. Phone. This field is for validation HPAlloy alloy Cobalt 6BHPAlloys. Cobalt 6B. Product. Description. Cobalt 6B CoCrW. UNS R30016 AMS 5894. MCS 1012 PWA 1196 XLO-PD-1089. Cobalt 6B is a cobalt based chromium, tungsten alloy for wear environments. where seizing, galling and abrasion are present. 6B is resistant to seizing and galling and with its low coefficient of friction, allows sliding contact with

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    Alloy 6B is a cobalt based chromium, tungsten alloy. Micro Metals stocks and supply HPA Cobalt 6B.alloy 6B is a alloy for wear environments where galling, seizing and abrasion are available.Stellite 6b®has outstanding resistance to most types of wear.application of cobalt 6B include Chain saw guide bars, Steam turbine erosion shields, Furnace fan blades, High temperature bearings, Food Stellite 6BAn extensive hot forging process transforms brittle ingot into the tough, wear-resistant Stellite 6B that meets aerospace material specification AMS 5894 requirements. Dont let the hardness range of 33-43RC fool you, the surface of this material goes through an extensive transformation that provides unmatched wear resistance for such a tough material. stellite 6b, stellite 6b Suppliers and Manufacturers at Castings and PM stellite 6b cobalt chrome alloy parts SYTOP ® Stellite Alloy Castings and Powder Metallurgy Parts Quick details SYTOP® cobalt based alloy/stellite alloy is a range of CoCrW or CoCrMo alloys designed for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high termal resistance. copper alloy rod tungsten copper rod tungsten copper bar copper bar tungsten rod tungsten bar

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    Cobalt alloy 6b / Stellite 6b is a cobalt-based, chromium-tungsten alloy used extensively in wear environments where its low friction coefficient minimises the risk of seizing and galling, even in applications where lubrication is not practical.