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China Rail Screw Spike for Wooden or Concrete Sleeper

Ruika produces and sells a variety of threaded rail screw spikes for wooden or cement sleepers, product specifications:Ss5, Ss8, Ss23, Ss25, Ss35, and 3V threaded spikes V20, V23, V26 and various trapezoidal thread bolts and so on. The grades are 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 5.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9. Holzschwellen dübel kostenlose lieferung möglicTranslate this pageHolzschwellen dübel Holzschwellen -75% - Holzschwellen im Angebot . Aktuelle Preise für Produkte vergleichen! Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei

Rail Screw & Spike - Rail Fastenings - Suzhou HuiBo

Screw Spike ,Sleeper Screw, Rail Screw :Railway screw spikes are usually used to fasten railway ties or sleepers and they also can be used in conjunction with plastic ferrules, cast into concrete ties /sleepers. Rail screw spikes can be various in thread profiles, lengths, diameters and drive heads based on specific geographic requirements. Rail Sleeper Screw,Rail Sleeper Screw Spike,Rail Fastening Suyu is China rail sleeper screw manufacturer. These rail sleeper screws are manufactured using high grade raw materials, satisfying all the quality standards. With reliability, robustness and effective performance, these products can be used in railway engineering. Rail sleeper screw spikes are used to fasten sole plates and ribbed base plates to wooden sleepers. Rail Spike,Rail Screw Spike - LT rail fastenerMiddle carbon steel 1035 is used. Length could be made as 105mm or 125, 135mm. We produce Ss series sleeper screw, the range is from SS5, Ss8, Ss23, Ss25, Ss34, Ss35, Ss36, and DHS 35 with firm materials, according to UIC864-1, grade from 4.6 and 5.6. We also produce AS, M H type screw spike for the UK and H, i, c, v type screws according to MAS.

Railway Timber Sleepers by GMIC Holdings Pvt. Ltd

retangular head screw spike railway sleeper screw spik:1 screw spike (75)1 screw spike (59)1 screw spike (56)1 screw spike (57) rail spike screw1 screw spike (91) Product Description Name retangular head screw spike railway sleeper screw spik Type Ss5.-150 V20-135 Ss8-140 V23-115 Ss8-150 V23-135 Ss8-160 V23-155 Ss23-160 V23-215 Ss25.-165 V26-115 Ss35.-161 Or the type by customers SS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Translate this page1BoshengSS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Sleeper Screws - hbrailwaySleeper Screws:Standard Reference:Type:Finish:Grade:Raw Material:UIC864-1. NF F50-006. NF F500-15. NF F500-50. ISO898-1. AS1085.18. GB/T3098.1. ASTM A66-01/87

Square head coach screwcoach screw spike

Square head coach screw Materials:Q235. 35K. 45#. 40Mn2. 20Mnsi. 35CrMo. 40Cr. 42CrMo Model:Ss5.-150, Ss8-140, Ss8-150, Ss8-160, Ss23-160, Ss25.-165, Ss35.-161 screw spike, track spike, railway fastener Kunshan For concrete sleeper, the rail screw spike is used together with a plastic dowel which is pre-inserted in concrete sleeper. Zinc Plated Rail Screw Spike Ss sleeper screw spike:Ss5, Ss8SS5 SS8 SS23 SS25 SS35 Translate this page ss5 ss8 ss23 ss25 ss35 , . Screw Spike , .