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Beaver G80 Clevis Sling Hook With Safety Latch

Beaver Grade 80 lifting components are manufactured from heat treated alloy steel and are ideal for heavy lifting applications.Quality testing in done throughout the manufacturing process. These components also carry distinguishing marks for easy identification.Product codeChain SizeWLLedhbgApprox Weight8851066mm1.1t76.4mm7.8mm20mm77.4mm24mm0.23kg8851077 Chain Lifting Hooks for Grade 8 (80) Chain Slings Grade 8 Eye Self-Locking Hook for use with 7mm to 32mm Lifting Chain. Grade 8 / 80 Eye Type Safety Hook Self locking eye hook are available in the following chain size - 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 16mm, 20mm, 22mm, 26mm, 28mm. 4. From £25.66. Self-Locking Clevis Hook for use with 7mm to 22mm Lifting Chain.

Eye sling hook with latch - Premier Lifting and Safety Ltd

* Duke Brand G80 Eye sling Hook with Latch * 6mm swl = 1.12 tonne * 7 & 8mm swl = 2 tonne * 10mm swl = 3.15 tonne * 13mm swl = 5.3 tonne * 16mm swl = 8 tonne * 18 & 20mm = 12.5 tonne * Fatigue rated x 1.5 WLL for 20,000 cycles * Proof tested - 2.5 times w G8 Lifting Clevis Sling Hook with Latch CLH Clevis Sling Hook with Latch * Supplied with load and retaining pin to attach to G8 Chain * Replacement catches, load and retaining pins available from stock G80 Chain and Fittings - Lifting TechnologiesSuitable for rope sling & G80 chain; Safety factor of 4:1; Individually proof tested; The large eye allows most size hooks to be attached; Available in Left(L) & Right(r)hand configuration; Complies with AS3776; Fatigue tested at 1.5 x WLL for 20,000 cycles; 100% Magnaflux Crack Detection

G80 Sling Hooks - Lifting Equipment Chain Slings

6mm G80 Clevis Sling Hook with Safety Latch $9.50. Compare. Add To Cart. 8mm G80 Swivel Sling Hook with Safety Catch $41.85. Compare. Add To Cart. 10mm G80 Eye Type Sling Hook with Safety Latch $19.29. Compare. Add To Cart. Grade 80 Sling Hook Clevis with Latch All LiftingFitted with sturdy spring loaded safety latch for added security in lifting. Applications:Chain Slings. Conforms to AS 3776. Catch replacement available. **Please note colour and dimensions may vary slightly depending on supplier**. Product Specifications. Shipping & Handling Fees. Code Number. Chain Lifting Hook Safety Latch, 8mm G80 - Lifting Equipment DirectThey come with heavy duty latch for added safety. Eye allows easy connection to coup links and can be attached to lifting apparatus. Marked with Chain size, product ID, grade with manufacture quality mark and Austlift branded. Manufactured from G80 alloy steel with a safety factor of 4 to 1. Test Certificates available upon request.

Lifting Hooks for Chain Slings - Grade 80 - Grade 100

In a selection of grab, self locking and latch styles for differing loading applications. Grade 80 and Grade 100 chain lifting hooks are manufactured from high tensile alloy steel and individually magnaflux crack detected after heat treatment. We recommend only using Grade 80 hooks with Grade 80 chain YOKE Grade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Latch Lifting YOKE Grade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Latch. We supply the Gr8 eye sling hook with latch fitted. The hook comes with a sturdy spring loaded latch for added safety and security in lifting. Replacement safety latch kits readily available. Design Factor 4:1.Grade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Safety Latch - China LG SupplyGrade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Safety Latch. Description. Grade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Safety Latch is a general purpose hook, also known as eye slip hook,suitable for most slinging applications.Match with EN818-2 G80 chain. Grade 80 Eye Sling Hook with Safety Latch attached with hook to prevent from disengaging, and the groove on the hook fixes the safety latch which is safer