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(PDF) Nonlinear dynamics of a sliding pipe conveying fluid

In this study, nonlinear analysis on dynamic responses of a sliding fluid conveying pipe with length time-varying is performed in detail. An extended Hamiltons principle is utilized to derive the Dynamics and Stability of Magnetically Actuated Pipes Oct 08, 2015 · This paper is concerned with the development of a theoretical model for predicting the dynamics and pull-in instability of magnetically actuated pipes conveying fluid. The equation of motion of the pipe is constructed in the presence of nonlinear magnetic forces.

Dynamics of cantilevered pipes conveying fluid. Part 2

In another interesting work by Païdoussis et al., the 3-D nonlinear dynamics of a vertical cantilevered pipe conveying fluid additionally constrained by arrays of four or two linear springs or a Pipes Conveying Fluid:A Model Dynamical Problem - Feb 01, 1993 · The dynamics of pipes with supported ends, cantilevered pipes or with unusual boundary conditions; continuously flexible pipes or articulated ones; pipe conveying incompressible or compressible fluid, with steady or unsteady flow velocity; pipes thin enough to be treated as thin shells; linear, nonlinear and chaotic dynamics; these and many Three-dimensional nonlinear dynamics of a cantilevered The dynamics of pipes conveying fluid has become a hot topic in the research field of fluid-structure interactions. Perhaps one of the main reasons why the dynamics of pipes conveying fluid has remained of intense interest to dynamicists is the fact that it displays interesting and sometimes unexpected nonlinear dynamical behavior and it has become a handy tool in developing or testing modern dynamics